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Indigenous Story has been on this continent for as long as we have. It takes many forms across words, images, and song. The Centre for Indigenous Story holds and shares knowledge across all these creative forms.

The Indigenous Story is a virtual site for Aboriginal interaction. It is our opportunity to gather, (re)generate, and host our stories, and thus our knowledges, through spoken word, in music, in film, in visual arts, writing, and all dynamic multimedia forms. Indigenous knowledges in the digital age demand we tell our many stories in many ways. They demand others adopt new lenses for seeing us, and that we innovate our curation in sharing our layered histories, knowledges, and stories.

The all-Indigenous National Advisory Board ensures inclusion of our diversity across and between Australian Indigenous Peoples. The Centre for Indigenous Story welcomes contributions—large-scale to small, including independent creativity captured on mobile phones and other hand-held devices, and other technologies. All contributions are moderated.