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The Indigenous Story accepts contributions from Indigenous people. Please note that all contributions will be mediated.

You can make your contribution directly through the website by completing the following form and attaching your file. 

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About the Centre

Indigenous Story has been on this continent for as long as we have, it takes many forms across words, images, and song. The Centre for Indigenous Story holds and shares knowledge across all these creative forms.

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Our sharing policy


We welcome the sharing of work from this site where the ‘share’ button appears. In some cases, you’ll see that there is a request from the copyright holder not to share. Please respect this request.


It’s your copyright

The Indigenous Story does not claim copyright of material submitted to the site. The right to copy remains with the owner of copyright.

Our best efforts have been made to credit copyright to the proper owners. Please contact the Working Team if you have any copyright issues you would like to raise with us.