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Too Many Cheeky Dogs
Dion Beasley

Dion’s involvement with the picture book “Too Many Cheeky Dogs” began when author Johanna Bell, having written a script for a children’s book, asked if Dion would be happy to illustrate it. Thus began the collaborative work between Johanna and Dion.

As Dion is profoundly deaf, communication, working to a schedule and the physical distance between their homes were challenges to be met: Johanna lives in Darwin and Dion in Tennant Creek Dion and Johanna spent time both in Tennant Creek and Darwin working on the book and through humour, improvised acting and patience, many wonderful and funny pictures emerged. 

As Dion has lived in many communities throughout the Barkly Region, he is able to accurately reproduce community life with its vast array of canine characters, people and houses. When drawing his dogs and communities Dion is working from real life and accurately interprets the world around him. Dion has an excellent memory and an incredible eye for detail. When asked to draw animals in imaginary situations Dion rose to the challenge and created drawings which  
matched texts in the book.

During the workshops in Darwin, Dion worked with Ruth Gruener (a Graphic Designer) on page composition and digital illustration. Working with others on a project has broadened Dion’s working experience and established strong friendships. 

Although “Too Many Cheeky Dogs” was initially written for young children living in remote areas, the book has appealed to a wide range of children and families, and has proved to be an invaluable teaching resource in a variety of learning areas.

Dion understands that many people love his work but for him satisfaction comes from being able to immerse himself in his art and express himself through his drawings ,mapping and modelling. 

For more informating and to purchase Too Many Cheeky Dogs follow the link below.

View Dion Beasleys Digital Mapping: Interactive Map here.


Dion Beasley

Dion Beasley was born in Alice Springs 7 July 1991. Dion spent the first eleven years of his life in remote…

Dion Beasley was born in Alice Springs 7 July 1991.

Dion spent the first eleven years of his life in remote communities throughout the Barkly Region. When he was twelve Dion came to live in Tennant Creek with extended family. He continues to live in Tennant with Tony and Joie Boulter.

Although profoundly deaf, it soon became evident that Dion could communicate through his vast array of drawings. Dion grew more confident and relaxed in his surroundings, and so drawing became the avenue through which the world became a place of intrigue and excitement.

Having an excellent memory and accurate eye for detail Dion became immersed in the drawing of the many dogs he had encountered in his life. Over the years Dion continues to predominately draw dogs but also accurate aerial drawings of communities in which he has lived.

Dion’s first exhibition “A Dog’s Life” was held in Darwin and was comprised of a set of eleven Limited Screen prints. Several of Dion’s prints have been part of Travelling Exhibitions around regions of Australia.

In 2011 Dion worked with Leon Stainer at Charles Darwin University to produce a set of etchings and lithographs. Dion worked on etchings with Rob Brown, a renowned N.T. artist.

In 2012 Dion’s work was exhibited as a member of the Primavera Exhibition at the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art.

In 2013 “Too Many Cheeky Dogs”, a children’s picture book written by Johanna Bell and illustrated by Dion (published by Allen and Unwin) was launched at the Darwin festival. At present Dion is working with Johanna to complete their second book. 

A company “Cheekydogs” was established in 2006 as an avenue for Dion to market his work on a variety of products. His prints are sold through Nomad Gallery in Darwin.