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Alukura Compilation CD

What is our project?

Last year CAAMA Music ran a nationwide competition to uncover a new crop of female Aboriginal singer-songwriters. The Alukura Competition (Alukura meaning women’ in the Arrernte language) saw eight incredibly talented and passionate women chosen to fly from all corners of Australia to record at the CAAMA Music studios in Alice Springs. During the recording process the women participated in music business workshops, were mentored by the popular musical duo the Stiff Gins, and connected to the country and culture of Central Australia. For most of these women it was their first time recording in a professional studio.

CAAMA Music is producing The Alukura Compilation CD. This album will be used as a promotional vehicle to launch the careers of each of these eight women and showcase their immense talent to the rest of Australia and the World.

Alice Skye (VIC) “I take great pride in my heritage and to combine both music and my background would bring me an unexplainable amount of pride and happiness.”

Thaylia (NSW) “I believe music is my true authentic swing. It is what I was placed here upon this earth to do.”

Kelsey Iris (QLD) “I’m so grateful to grow and gain further knowledge personally, as well as a musician and singer-songwriter.”

Bec Gollan (SA) “My vision as an artist, is to be respected by my peers and community as an important singer/songwriter - to be an artist who gives back to her community through music by working with young people in a musical capacity.”

Kristal West (QLD) “I believe I have a lot space to grow and I truly believe this is the opportunity I have been waiting for.”

Miranda Garling (NT) “I feel I have so much to offer the music industry. I have written over 55 songs but have never had the opportunity to record any of them professionally.”

Dora Smith (WA) “I believe I have raw talent and would love to share it. I am ready to get out there and be acknowledged as an artist.”

Djonna (TAS) “I have a fascination with the role of story and the storyteller in culture and hope to explore its roots and relevance in modern contexts to modern audiences”