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Indigenous Hip Hop Projects & KTown

9 - Unnamed

Who are the members of KTown and how did you meet?

This production involved an accumulative group of extremely talented artists from Ktown. Ktown is simply an abbreviated name for Katherine Town which is where the song and clip was created. All the artists below were brought together by IHHP to work on this composition and are not an official group as such. However, now that they have had such an awesome experience working together and now that the song has had so much positive response we are already looking to plan a follow up. 

1 - Unnamed


Michael Cameron - MC verse 1

Paddy Kossack- MC verse 2

Devin Lines- MC Verse 3

Marcus Hamilton- MC Bridge

Shaelee Tonkin-Reeves : Pre Chorus and Chorus Vocal

Tuwayn Campbell: Chorus bvocal

Kale Kossack

Clemmy Chulung

Kamahi Djordon King- Piano, Strings, Harmonies, Mentor
Penny Fawkner - Bass
Steven Talitimu - Guitar

IHHP partnered with YMCA Katherine, Wurli Wurlinjang Health Service and the incredibly talented young adults from Ktown to write, record and shoot this world class music video 'Shadows'.

2 - Unnamed

What inspired the writing of Shadows?

The inspiration behind the song was drawn out through brainstorming and having deep conversation around themes including Suicide, Resilience, Peer Pressure, Crime, Racism, Guidance, Brotherhood, and worked through all the contributing factors that go towards growing up as a young indigenous person living through the struggles in Katherine. The result is a deep, articulate and honest song that people can relate to and some people find confronting.

This song has no samples it was fully composed from start to finish during an epic week long intensive project. The participants and partners would like to thank and acknowledge the following musicians and artists that played and contributed to the song.

Thanks to Willie Kossack for from Strong Bala Programme for his guidance, direction and cultural safety on this production. 

8 - Unnamed

What has the response been like since releasing Shadows?

The response from Ktown Shadows has been overwhelming. From a community perspective the town, particularly the school kids have really loved it, along with getting some serious props from some high profile Indigenous Australia Rappers like Jimblah and Philly. We have had numerous interviews on ABC and local media. So many private messages of support and the deadly comments on the social media. We have even had calls from publishing companies wanting to offer us publishing deals. We have been asked to do a live show in Darwin. Everyone just wants round two.

3 - Unnamed
What does 2016 hold for KTown?

We are definitely going to write more songs and make a follow up video clip. So Stay tuned.

Keep updated with KTown and Indigenous Hip Hop Projects via their facebook and youtube pages.





Indigenous Hip Hop Projects

Established in 2007, Indigenous Hip Hop Projects are a national multi-cultural arts company, specialising in going into regional, remote and urban…

Established in 2007, Indigenous Hip Hop Projects are a national multi-cultural arts company, specialising in going into regional, remote and urban Indigenous communities around Australia to conduct week long workshops as a means of connecting young people, encouraging self respect, re-engagement and creating linkages with traditional culture. We guide communities through powerful creative processes and create high quality content and resource that are made 'By Community, For Community'. IHHP strive and push for strong culture, song, language, ceremony, foods and lore to be included in every-project and aim to engage the whole community from elders right down to babies. IHHP works on the principal of using the arts for change, focusing on Indigenous young people’s strengths to develop their skills and attitudes while working closely with local partners to support community development. Since inception, IHHP have worked extensively across the country, in remote, regional and urban Indigenous communities engaging over 250,000 participants to date.