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Johnathan James Binge AKA Caution
Second Place Winner

2 - Second Place Winner

Johnathan James Binge’s song Mum is a devastating and tender tribute to family and grief, a story all-too familiar in our communities. Beautifully composed and performed, this is a truly haunting song that will stay with listeners. Binge is an extremely talented writer and musician, as this bittersweet piece demonstrates.

Due to the song's pending release, it is not available to the general public at this time.

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Johnathan James Binge AKA Caution

Caution, is a Gamilaraay, Dunghutti and Gumbaynggirr man. A writer, poet and hiphop performer.

From his early teens Caution has gained the respect and admiration of all who hear his deftness of language, depth of wisdom and undeniable honesty, technique and linguistic dominance behind the microphone.

Barely into his 20’s, Caution has a solid half decade of performance behind him, supporting the likes of Uncle Kutcha Edwards, Motley and Ninah Nicole, Philly, P Smurf and Joe Snow as well as being a part of Melbourne’s formidable Nine2Five records.

His own artistic career aside, Caution sees music, hip hop and art, not as a vehicle to material gain but as a tool of empowerment for those who have no voice, whose stories have been disregarded and whose language may be too polite to understand the subtlety of what it means to grow up indigenous and having to interact with suburban Australia.

A regular contributor, mentor and supporter of young hip hop artists across the community arts scene in Victoria, Caution gave name to New Hope, a program designed to promote youth hiphop and has been a regular contributor to Dig Deep, the Worth A Second Chance campaign and currently works with the Commission for Children and Young People.

It is no surprise then, that a man who has reached this far at such a young age, has his sights set on a future where his talent is not lauded for its own sake and his own gain, but to lead those of us who have been silenced and have forgotten that our stories are better, our history more unique and our bars doper than anything that has come before.

Johnathan James Binge AKA Caution